Frequently asked questions

If you don't find what you are looking for, just give us a call!

If you don't find what you are looking for, just give us a call!

Frequently asked questions

ID card production

Producing employee ID cards requires specialist equipment that can manage variable data from a staff database and print designs, personal pictures and texts on plastic cards.

We can provide you with a comprehensive ID card system with a powerful ID card software written and continuously improved by our own developers, and a choice of reliable ID card printers with different levels of maintenance contracts to extend their lifespan.

Alternatively, you can let our identity management team do everything for you from hosting your staff database to printing and dispatching ID cards on demand. We are providing this service to several organisations in various sectors such as Thames Water and the National Trust.

Contractor ID cards help increase site security and can also be used as time and attendance cards to keep track of hours worked thanks to the RFID contactless technology.

Working with contractors from multiple companies can make your ID card process complex. With more than 35 years of experience in staff identification solutions, we can manage everything for you with our identity management service. We provide a custom ID card application website where you can approve ID card requests from your contractors, we securely host your staff and contractor ID card database that you can access 24/7 online and we print and dispatch ID cards on demand.

Alternatively, you can buy our comprehensive ID card system and print contractors ID card yourselves. Our software can handle multiple designs to differentiate contractors from staff.

RFID (radio frequency identification) is a contactless technology that uses electromagnetic waves to transmit data. An RFID chip can transform simple plastic cards into smart cards that can be used for access control and cashless payment.

You can use our ID card system to produce RFID access cards.

We offer a range of security features that can prevent counterfeiting.

Our economy ID card printer can add watermarks to your ID cards.

Our premium ID card printer has an optional unit that can handle both UV printing and holofoil overlaminates. We can also supply ID cards with holofoil and RFID chips.

Software and design

You can use our ComPic ID card software to fully design your ID cards. You can easily set up multiple ID card design to denote categories such as employees, contractors, intern, etc. Then you can add logos and variable elements such as personal photographs and data, that will be automatically triggered from your staff database.

Alternatively, we can help set up your ID card design and print your cards are our ISO9001 approved production facility as part of our identity management service.

Our ComPic ID card software is developed by our own UK-based engineers. You can easily import you staff database using a csv transfer, customise your ID card template with your design and define the variable data that will be automatically triggered from the database (e.g. employee’s picture, name, job title, etc.). Contact us for a live demo!

ID card printers

ID card printers are specialist printers that can print on plastic. The printer head heats up the ribbon to transfer colours to the card. The variation of temperature is what allow the printer to print the shades you need.

An ID card printer is a plastic card printer with a single card feeder that can personalize pvc cards. In order to make the best choice, assess your needs with 3 criteria : how you want the ID cards to look , how many you need to print and whether you want to add security features. Read more on our dedicated printer page or just give us a call.

In order to print ID cards on both sides, you will need a dual sided ID card printer that automatically flips and prints onto the back side of the card.

Our premium ID card printer is a dual-sided printer and our economy ID card printer has an optional duplex printing unit.

Printing on plastic ID card require specialist printers and an ID card software.

All our ID card printers can print on CR80 plastic cards (85.6mm x 54mm), including RFID access cards.

Printing an ID card with our printers can take from 6 seconds (monochrome) to 25 seconds (full colour) for one side.

Our printers are compatible with the CR80 normal sizing of 85.6mm x 54mm.

Our DOPPIE COMPACT printer and DOPPIE 450 premium printer have a 2-year warranty.

Our DOPPIE 300 economy printer has a 3-year warranty.

Cleaning your ID card printer regularly will extend its lifespan. We provide cleaning kit that remove dirt, dust and debris that could damage the sensitive electronics and moving parts within the printer. An easy way do it regularly is to clean your printer whenever you change the ribbons.

We offer various levels of support contracts from our UK-based helpline to a full maintenance service. Contact us to know more.

Identity management and printing services

You will be assigned a project manager to agree the most efficient level of service, accounting for staff location, company infrastructure and any reporting need.

We will then create a custom identity management website for you to request ID cards and access your centralised staff database 24/7.

We will set up your designs based on your artworks and specifications. Finally, we will print and deliver your ID cards on demand.

Learn more here or contact us for a demo.

First you need to tell us how you want your ID cards to look like : you can either send us an artwork or brief our free designer service.

We will send a visualisation for sign off before production. Then you will need to share the personal data that should be printed on the cards.

We can set up a custom and secure application website as part of our identity management service where your authorised users can requests ID cards and input the necessary data.

Once your design is set up, we can print and dispatch ID card up to once a day based on the agreed schedule (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

We can supply and print contactless access cards with RFID technology from all the major manufacturers, such as Mifare, Paxton, HID, TDSI and Indala.

We operate fully in accordance with GDPR with all data and images held on a dedicated server at a secure data centre employing the latest hardware Firewall technology, password protection and secure encryption using SSL/https, to industry standard.

Access to your database and online request form is restricted to authorised users and you can have up to 3 levels of approval before the ID cards cards go to print.

All ID cards will be printed at our ISO9001 approved production facility, ensuring a reliable, accurate and fast turnaround.