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Reliable ID card printers

Whatever your requirements, we have a professional ID card printer for you.

Reliable ID card printers

Why choose an idensys ID card printing machine ?

  • Software

    Compatible with ComPic, our powerful ID card printer software

  • Maintenance

    Various levels of annual support contracts available across all of our ID card printers.

  • Security features

    RFID chips and built-in security features

Our ID printers' powerful software

Our ID printers work with our powerful software developed and constantly improved by our own developers based in the UK. You have the assurance that there will be no security or functionality issue associated with third party out-sourced software.


“We have been a customer of idensys for many years and still nothing is ever too much trouble! Everyone - and this includes accounts and factory managers - is always very helpful and, more importantly, a friendly team to work with. Also, we have never had to remind them that maintenance visit is due, the system in place works brilliantly.”

Training Administrator – G4S

Plastic card printer's maintenance

Plastic card printer maintenance

We offer various levels of annual support contracts from our UK-based telephone helpline to our onsite maintenance service. With 30 years of experience in staff identification solutions including software, printers and Identity management services, you’re in safe hands with us whatever your requirements are.

RFID card printers and security features

Our printers are smart card printers : they can print on proximity cards with RFID chips. They also have built-in or optional security features such as watermarks (economy printer), UV printing and holographic design (premium printer). We provide printable cards with holo foils for extra security.

Printer ribbons & cleaning kit

Printer ribbons and cleaning kit

We supply genuine printer ribbons which give more in-depth colour and reduce the wear and tear on the print head compared to cheaper alternatives. We also supply ID printer cleaning kits to help maintain your plastic card printer’s performance and lifespan.

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    How to choose an ID card printer?

    An ID card machine is a plastic card printer with a single card feeder that can personalise pvc cards. In order to make the best choice, assess your needs with 3 criteria : how you want the ID cards to look, how many you need to print and whether you want to add security features.

    Have a look at our guide below or simply call our UK-based experts for more information on how to find the right plastic card printer for your business.

    Think about your design and the information you want to print on it. If you simply want to print a logo, your employee’s picture, name and job title, you can choose our compact single-sided plastic printer that offers high printing quality. However, if you want to print additional details such as an address, a safety & health message or what to do when a lost card has been found, you should consider buying our economy dual-sided pvc printer (standard printing quality) or our premium dual-sided ID printer (high printing quality). They automatically flip and print onto the back side of the card.

    If you plan to print less than 1,000 ID cards per year, choose our economy ID badge printer (standard quality). However, if you plan to print more than 1,000 ID cards per year, we recommend that you choose a more robust printer like our compact ID printer or our premium card maker machine.

    Security features help prevent counterfeiting attempts and keep your data and assets secure. Our economy id card printing machine has a built-in IdentiKote security feature that prints a secure watermark on the card’s surface. We offer 4 standard designs and the option of customising this watermark to your organisation’s unique logo, tiled or stretched across the card. Our premium photo ID card printer can support both UV printing and holographic design with an optional hot roller unit. UV printing consists in printing a design in a clear ink which is invisible in daylight, but clearly visible when a specific device with UV light is used. The holographic design is included in a protective overlaminate. Additionally, we can supply cards with holo foils for extra security and RFID chips for access control.

    Compare Our Printers

    Print QualityHighStandardHigh
    Speed130+ cards per hour150+ cards per hour130+ cards per hour
    Input / Output100 / 30 Cards100 or 200 / 70 or 130 cards100 / 100 cards
    Security FeaturesNoIdentiKote watermarkUV printing and holographic overlaminate

    Save time and money

    Let us host your staff ID database and print ID cards on demand

    Let us host your staff ID database and print ID cards on demand